How to pay for your medical consultation

After your examination, you will receive your invoice from the payment counter at the department that conducted your treatment. Please pay your fee at the automated payment machine at counter No. 6.

  • Scan the barcode on your invoice. (Or insert your medical examination card into the machine.)
  • Insert the amount shown on the screen into the machine.

    *If you wish to pay by credit card, press the ‘Credit Card’ button and follow the instructions on the screen.

    *Your PIN code is required when paying by credit card.

  • Please take your receipt (medicine prescription ticket), change and medical examination card with you.

    *It takes approx. 10 seconds to print your receipt.

    *Don’t forget to take your medical examination card and change with you.

    *The receipt is no longer required. You may throw it in the nearest bin.

Paying by Credit Card

Payments for medical expenses can be made by credit card.

The following credit cards are accepted

VISA Mastercard JCB
American Express NICOS DC
Diners Club International

Credit cards may be used for

  • Outpatient and hospitalization expenses
  • Expenses related to medical certificates and other reports

Settlement methods

  • Lump-sum payments (one-time payments)
  • Payment in installments
  • Revolving payments


  • A PIN code or signature is required when using a credit card.
  • Please confirm your credit limit before using your card.

*Please confirm the limit with your respective credit card company.