How long is the wait for outpatient examinations?
In general, the hospital prioritizes patients with an appointment or introduction or with a medical emergency. As a result, patients who do not fall into one of these categories may have to wait 2 hours or more to be seen. To avoid this, we recommend first visiting a general practitioner in your local area.
We work closely with local medical practitioners and clinics. If you require treatment at a municipal hospital, you can receive a letter of introduction by visiting your local doctor.
Can I receive a physical examination here?
Nishio City has asked the medical association to administer physical examinations through local health centers. As such, the municipal hospital does not provide its own physical examination services. Health centers offer a wide range of tests, examinations and detailed screenings. Please check with your nearest health center for details.
Do you provide flu shots?
We offer flu vaccinations to regular patients upon request. For other patients, we recommend receiving a vaccination at your local medical facility.
What should I do if I need to see a pediatrician at night?
Due to a shortage of pediatricians at our hospital, we have had to implement a restriction on late night examinations. If you require immediate attention, please call the Aichi Emergency Treatment
Information Center and you will be introduced to an available medical facility. On select days, pediatric specialists from other institutions visit our hospital to offer examinations until 10 p.m. Please check the Medical Examination Staff page on our website to find out what dates they are available.
Can I use a credit card?

You may use a credit card to pay for examinations and other hospital expenses.
We accept the following types:
VISA, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, NICOS, DC, UFJ, MUFG, AEON, Diners Club International

Please see below for the details