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Address 6 Kamiawara Kumami-cho, Nishio-shi, Aichi
Contact Information TEL.0563-56-3171 / FAX.0563-56-8966

Public Transportation

7 min. by bus from Nishio Sta. on the Meitetsu Railway
5 min. walk from Nishioguchi Sta. on the Meitetsu Railway

Parking Lot Usage

  • Please refrain from parking your vehicle for long periods.
  • Hospitalized patients are not allowed to leave their vehicles in the parking lot.
  • Parking is for hospital visitors only.


Parking for People with Disabilities

At Nishio Municipal Hospital, we have allotted 23 parking spots in total for people with disabilities. The spaces are located near the main entrance and administration building entrance.

The parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities may only be used in the following four cases:

  • If the car has a certificate issued by the Aichi Prefectural Public Safety Commission.
  • If you are carrying a Physical Disability Handbook.
  • If you have an obvious physical impairment.
  • If there is a sticker on the car indicating it is owned by a person with a disability.

Parking Inspectors

When using the parking lot, your car may be checked by a parking inspector. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.
For more information on certificates issued by the Aichi Prefectural Public Safety Commission, please inquire at your local police office.